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Skin Clean product range.
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Fictive Project Details

Client: Yon-ka Paris

Date: 1st Febbuary, 2016

Context :
Yon-Ka Paris is a business B2B, specialized in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Yon-Ka wishes to contact a large number of consumers. Having had difficulties standing out to the general public, a new range of products aimed at youngsters is launched in order to introduce the brand.
Problem :
This spring, Yon-Ka took on a big advertising campaign called ”Operation B2C”. The range of products launched will be “Skin Clean”. The main function of the promotional mini-site will be to accommodate the latest publicities of Yon-Ka with the likes, the videos and the discussions surrounding the brand.

Coffee Cups
Lines of Code

Case study

To create the tools for the launching of the new product with an advertising campaign for the brand, this will be represented on the product packaging and on different methods of advertising.


Creation of a responsive, onepage internet site, including the presentation of the new range of products. Managing the setup of comments and ensuring the links to the social networks.


Managing the creation of a website in a limited time, with the obligation to follow specifications, follow up and test.

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