Le Baron Garnier

Finest vodka from france.
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Project Details

Client: Le Baron Garnier

Date: 15th December, 2015

Context :
Le Baron Garnier is a deposited brand of exceptional vodka, having been awarded several titles of French gastronomy. The brand is still young and very under developed and hence requires an efficient advertising.
Problem :
In order to incorporate into the vodka market, Le Baron developed its public during the Cannes Film Festival 2016. Hence it is necessary to produce a suitable advertising campaign as well as an internet site presenting the product and the brand but keeping in mind the importance of the social networks.

Coffee Cups
Startegic axes


Create the launching tools for this new product, with advertising of the brand name to develop the popularity during the Cannes Film Festival 2016. This visual identity is to be reproduced on the different supports of advertising. A necessity for the brand’s internet site and also efficient communication via the social networks.


Research and production of two creative axes. Development of one of the creative ideas. Design and conception of a communication package, product leaflets as well as large format posters. Production of a responsive internet site presenting the brand and events. Development of social networks.


Working with limited time scale, the deadline considered for the final render: Cannes Film Festival (May 2016). Management of large format printing and on different supports. Production of an website with management of social networks. Production of video clips to promote the brand. Management of Medias and events, planning, realizing and production follow up.