Le Sous-Marin Jaune

Le petit burger des grands voyages.
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Project Details

Client: Le Sous - Marin Jaune

Date: 15th October, 2015

Binôme: José Grunenwald

Context :
The Yellow Submarine is a food truck situated in the region of Lyon. Serving young and dynamic customers, the food truck has its regular weekly emplacements and takes its identity from the famous song of The Beatles. This food truck proposes traditional, regional cooking with a touch of madness from the 80’s.
Problem :
The implantation of the food truck in the region of Lyon started in 2012. The problem with the advertising of the business has hence arrived at its highest level. The aim, in the creation of a visual identity for The Yellow Submarine, was to transmit the traditional spirit using the combination of flavours together with sensations from the 80’s.

Coffee Cups
Strategic axes

Case study

The Yellow Submarine is an active and dynamic business which proposes traditional and savoury cooking. The client would like a campaign adapted to the cooking that they propose.


The message to communicate and which constitutes the base line of the project is the following: The little burger for big journeys, a refined regional taste allowing to travel back in time to the beginning of quality burgers.


After analysis of the different creative axes there was a final choice between two of them. One of the axes was totally developed and proposed. The communicative elements were declined following the choice of the creative axe.

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